June Purchases – Part 1

I’m planning on doing this regularly at the end of the month.  I’m a bit late this month I got married and I’ve just got back from honeymoon!

So – here are my album purchases in June 2012

Best Coast – The Only Place – an eMusic download that I haven’t quite got round to listening to properly.  I do love the jangley C86ness of ‘Crazy For You’ and this is more of the same.

Ladyhawke – Anxiety – This album already feels very familiar, partially due to the ubiquity of ‘Black, White & Blue’ and ‘Sunday Drive’, but also due to having seen Pip and the band live in May.  While it may not have the immediate impact of the début it’s a good solid followup.

Cornershop – Urban Turban – This one needs to be lived with a bit more.  Cornershop are one of those bands that are hard to pin down (the hit remix of ‘Brim Full of Asha’ is as much Norman Cook as Cornershop) and this almost has the feel of a compilation album.

Dexys – One Day I’m Going To Soar – Not sure why this has been getting such good reviews.  It really hasn’t grabbed me – the songs are rather ordinary and the production is pedestrian (reminds me of band recordings people did at university!).  I guess people are just glad to have Kevin Rowland back again.  It’s OK – but not in the same league as ‘Searching for the Young Soul Rebels‘…

Garbage – Not Your Kind of People – Another revived band.  Manson & co pick up exactly where they left off.  This is a good thing!

Ian Dury & The Blockhead – Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll – I was browsing through eMusic and saw that this compilation that tied in with the recent bio-pic was available.  All the hits are there plus a few 12″ versions – definitely worth the credits.

John Talabot – Fin – Recommended by @richy1311 – not really had time to investigate properly, but what I’ve heard so far sounds good.

Lady Gaga – Born This Way – I think Lady Gaga was an inevitable choice for the wedding reception.  In my defence it was only £3 and there’s quite a few fun pop songs (though it’s not as good as the début imo)

Matt Zarley – Change Begins With Me – Recommended to me by someone who’s musical taste is normally impeccable. In this case I think he was swayed by a pretty face…  This is *not* good!

I’ll followup with the reset of the month’s purchases in another entry shortly!

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