July 2012 Purchases

Grinderman : Grinderman 2/Grinderman 2 Remixes
These suddenly appeared on eMusic (it seems that some Mute catalogue is on eMusic now) so I thought I’d snag them. It strikes me that it doesn’t matter who else is in the band – Nick Cave’s personality will always dominate…

Dan Le Sac : The Space Between The Words
I love Dan Le Sac v Scoobious Pip so Dan’s first album sans Pip was a must have! Sharp beats, bouncing bass and a more song-orientated approach than you might expect. Great stuff.

Drake Jenson : On My Way To Find You
Country isn’t normally my thing, but Drake is arguably the genre’s first openly gay artist so I thought it was worth investigating. It’s acceptable country-tinged balladeering with enough mandolin to keep it interesting. If nothing else he’s a cute gay cowboy!

Yeasayer : Odd Blood
Quite an old album at this stage, I think they have some new material out soon. I originally saw them support Bat For Lashes and never got around to buying the album. I’d forgotten how good ‘Ambling Alp’ and ‘O.N.E.’ (which got a lot of 6Music play at the time) are…

Marc Almond : A Virgin’s Tale 1 & 2
I don’t know much about the Marc Almond period between the Marc & The Mambas albums and ‘Mother Fist’ – so this is a handy way to catch up. It’s an interesting set of songs from one of Marc’s periodic willfully uncommercial stages.

Sugar : File Under Easy Listening (Deluxe)
I adore Copper Blue and I’m very excited to see that the re-issue is available on eMusic. This month, however, I decided to get F.U.E.L. – the album that, for reasons that escape me, I never actually bought at the time. The Deluxe edition includes the whole of the limited edition live album ‘The Joke Is Always On Us, Sometimes’.

Rufus Wainwright : Out Of The Game
When you hear that Rufus Wainwright is working with Mark Ronson you’re not entirely sure what to expect – a gay man’s version of Back To Black? As it turns out you get a 70s AOR infused album of wistful understated melancholy. It doesn’t have the grandeur of the Wants, harking back more to Poses, but the songwriting maturity is undeniable. very much looking forward to his autumn tour of the UK.

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